Now Available: Plump & Sexy

If you’ve enjoyed my BBW story “Angel Cake”, check out the new BBW Erotica Anthology “Plump & Sexy”! It’s a great steal at the price of $4.99, which includes five sexy stories about big, beautiful women.

Chubby Girl Hot by Michelle Fawkes

Katie is smart, attractive, and has a good job. She’s a computer geek and graphic designer for a major corporation. People tell her she’s pretty. And they always tell her she has a “great personality.”

But Katie is chubby. And society has decreed that being chubby equals second class citizen. That’s okay with Katie. She has dreams like everyone, but she’s accepted her lot in life and makes the best of it. She knows she’ll never get married or even have a real boyfriend, other than as a friend with sometimes benefits. Her life moves along in a quiet, predictable rut.

Until one day…

Angel Cake by Adelaide Cooper

Lizzy is twenty-five, a baker and single. She is a big girl, and despite her cheerful personality, she is always being overlooked by guys. That is, until she met her new boss, Chris. The man was charming and handsome with a body that fueled Lizzy’s fantasies.

What she doesn’t know, is that Chris has always had a thing for big girls, especially one that is as passionate about his trade craft as Lizzy. He surprises Lizzy with an invitation on her birthday, and it quickly turns into one steamy night that she’ll never forget.

I Had Sex with Elvis by Lynn Mixon

Kara wished she could get out of taking her daughters to a Justin Bieber lookalike contest, but no such luck. Maybe she could find someone more interesting.

Things started looking up when a handsome Elvis impersonator put the moves on her. He knew what he wanted and he was ready to sing for his supper. Could she resist this hunk of burning love?

R is for Revenge by Malia Mallory

After Grace quits her job as Victoria’s assistant, she winds up in the arms of her new boss. He offers her the chance to get back at Victoria and Grace can’t resist. This story contains graphic descriptions of spanking, masturbation, oral sex and other sexual activities.

The New Girl by Rachel Lace

Tina Walton just got hired by the biggest name in ladies apparel and lingerie. Being a plus sized girl she was surprised she won out. When she arrives and finds 95% of the employees are men she realizes just what she’s won!

“Plump & Sexy” is available at all major retailers: Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand and Smashwords. Pick up your copy today!

– Adelaide